I love The Rain

I love The Rain

I love the rain,
its gentle touch,
A dance of droplets,
a soothing rush.
It cleanses the earth with nature’s grace,
Bringing life to barren space.

The pitter-patter on my windowpane, Melodic rhythm,
a soothing refrain. It whispers secrets in the air, And washes away my every care.

I love the rain, its earthy scent,
A fragrance that’s heaven-sent.
It rejuvenates the withered flowers, Bringing colors to grey hours.

The cooling touch upon my skin,
A gentle kiss, a refreshing din.
It cleanses my soul, washes away the strain,
I find solace in the rhythm of the rain.

I love the rain,
its cleansing power,
A baptismal shower in every hour.
It purifies the world,
heals the wounds, And nourishes the earth’s attuned.

In the midst of stormy skies above,
There’s beauty in the rain we love. For it reminds us of life’s endless cycle,
And the joys that come after moments of trial.

So let the rain pour, let it fall,
In its tender rhythm, we find it all.
The peace, the beauty, the love it brings,
In the rain, my heart joyfully sings.

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