A sister’s love for her brother, an everlasting dream.

A sister’s love for her brother, an everlasting dream.

Into the unknown and far….tied with a sparkling Star

In the wreath of memories, where tears gently flow,
A sister’s love for her brother starts to glow.

Though he has gone, far beyond the earthly plane, Her love for him, like an eternal flame, will remain.

Like two branches on a tree, entwined,
Their bond was strong, unbreakable, defined.

Through childhood mischief and shared laughter, They faced the world, hand in hand, forever after.

But now he’s gone, his absence a void,
A heavy weight on her heart, never can she avoid.

Yet in her soul, his memory will dwell, A love so profound, no words can tell.

Through the tears that fall and the sorrow that whirls, She holds onto memories, like precious pearls.

They navigate the deepest depths of her heart,
A testament to a love that will never depart.

In her dreams, she hears Ajay’s laughter and vibe, A comforting presence, helping her go on in life

To cherish the moments they shared together,
And honor his spirit, forever and ever.

Though he may not physically be by her side,
She feels his love, like a gentle, guiding tide.

In every sunrise and each star in the sky,
She knows he’s watching over her, from up high.

So she carries on, with strength and grace,
Knowing that love transcends time and space.

For her brother’s love, like a beacon, will guide,
A bond unbroken, forever tied.

Through the days that come and the nights that pass, Her love for him will forever last.

In the depths of her heart, his light will gleam,
A sister’s love for her brother, an everlasting dream.

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