AWS YBC Information

Thank you for successfully registering to AWS Young Builders Challenge. Please find the next steps below:

This event is open for the students from class 6th to 12th. This event is divided into 2 phases.

Phase 1: Learn – In the learn phase, you  are expected to go through the self – learning module on Artificial intelligence, Cloud Computing and tools that would be used to build projects for the next phase. You can find the list of modules on the event site here. This will help you to build projects.

Phase 2: Build Phase- In this phase, you are expected to build projects on using either App Lab tool or sprite lab tool. The central theme of the projects should be “How will AI change the future of the country” with sub themes as “Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Transportation, Others”. Aligned to the central theme, you may choose any of the suggested sub theme and build the project.

We will soon contact you for assisting you with building phase till then you can continue your learning.

Thank you


Neeraj Chauhan

IT Mentor

Dayawati Modi Academy

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