How to Help Your Kids Navigate Their Insecurities?

How to Help Your Kids Navigate Their Insecurities?

“Insecurity kills all that is beautiful.” – Demi Lovato

Don’t you ever wonder how smooth and easy life would have been for us ifthere were no apprehensions or insecurities clouding the mind? However, life is not just a bed of roses.If there are moments of happiness, achievement, laughter, and joy, there are times full of challenges and difficulties as well. But do you think the latter part only belongs to the life of adults? No, it is equally valid for the kids. Yes, they too have their fears, anxieties, and dreads. These insecurities could be mental, emotional, or physical, and often end up building a sense of ‘being incompetent or not capable enough’ in their tender minds.

So, shall we just leave them like that and let them face their fears on their own? Definitely not! We, being the mentors and guides of young minds, and you, being their parents, also shoulder the responsibility to help them learn how to navigate their insecurities and come over as winners. So today, we, at Dayawati Modi Academy, one of the best schools in Meerut, would like to share with you a few tips in this regard that would help you to aid your kids to get over their insecurities and fears and emerge as achievers in the process. Read on.

  • Make home a happy space

Nothing in this world could give the kids a sense of easeand relief other than a happy home.And this makes sense even more in the case of a child going through a tough phaseemotionally or physically. The majority of your task as a parent is done when your kids know that after they reach home, they will find an abode full of joys and laughter. Hence,try to provide a healthy, happy environment to kids, where they feel more loved, rather than an atmosphere where they keep thinking about their insecurities or worries.

  • Stay involved with them

You could find solutions to many of the issues that kids face by just getting more involved with them. In short, being available for them is the answer here! Whether it’s a complex issue the child is facing or just some stupid guilt, trying this age-old technique works wonders!

  • Communicateregularly

We, at Dayawati Modi Academy, have seen time and again that clear and heart-to-heart communication works as the key solution in most childhood predicaments.In fact, there have been many instances when children have come out of severe fears and anxieties very calmly just by talking to one of the parents! Hence, we would recommend to the respected parents of our pupils to sit and talk with your kids every day.You can do it by simply lending an ear to your wards.Youcould begin at the very basic level by just asking about your kids’ day at school andtheir friends on the campus, and then slowly move on to discussing about their off-campus friends, their likes/dislikes, and so on.

  • Observe their social media presence

Believe it or not but advancements taking over us in every field make it all the more necessary to keep an eye on the digital or social media presence of our children.Trolls and negative comments can sometimes lead to some insensitive decisions by the kids.Hence, let them know that they always have your back and can come and talk to you whenever they want, irrespective of whatsoever the context is. However, make sure that in an attempt to keep them safe in the online world, you are not invading their personal space as that would only end up distancing them from you.

  • Indulge in peptalk

Everybody needs a little peptalk at some point of time in their lives. And as a parent, you could perform the important role of someone who could inject in them the shot of confidence needed critically in a dull moment oftheir life.

At Dayawati Modi Academy, recognized among the best schools in Meerut,we firmly believe that parents play a very important role in the overall development of children. That’s because parents can very well read the mind as well as the body language of their children. Thus, the very first time you notice the signs of insecurities and anxieties in your kids,do not ignore them like that. Be with them and talk to them about whatever it is that is troubling them so much. Even if the child is at fault, instead of pin-pointing directly, try making them understand what’s acceptable and right in a softer tone. Blaming or nagging is not going to work in such a case.Be the anchor they can bank upon and see how smoothly they get over all their fears and shine even brighter.

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  • Priyank Saxena Reply

    Under the able leadership of the Principal Dr. Ritu Dewan, we are on a mission to reform, perform and transform the lives of the students and the organization at large.

    January 22, 2022 at 3:21 am
  • Sudha Sharma, Vice Principal, Novality Public School Reply

    Dr. Dewan’s management approach is distinct in that she is a catalyst who maximizes efficiency and is always focused on the organization’s objectives. She fosters a culture of trust by listening to staff’s clear and inarticulate issues and creating a wonderful family atmosphere. I worked for 7 years under your leadership and you made me what I am today.

    January 22, 2022 at 3:37 am

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