Human race today, has been braving the gigantic ever challenges unleashed by the world-wide Covid-19 monster. Obviously, how couldthe education sector remain untouched. With the school buildings echoing the story of Lock- down and students stranded at homes, it seems that future of the young ones is caught in a limbo. But, true education is what is inspiring, encouraging and meaningful no matter what the challenges are  in its eco –system.There can be no better time than today,to make peace with the period of uncertainty and stay optimistic as we all are journeying together in this and learning something new each day. Educational institutions are gearing up to adopt thenew dynamics in education in consonance with the present- day need as learning is what must go on.On-line learning is substituting the chalk and talk teaching.Teachers are substantiating the e- learning resources with recorded you- tube lessons, e-notes and e-assignments and what not.Parents as the active partners with school, taking the back seat in the e-class, are becoming savvy with the school e- resources. Eventually, we are on the way to frame a new learning system that is resilient yet unified offeringmyriads of options to all its stakeholders and ensuring quality benchmark as well.


The economic slow-down creeping all around is the challenge inflicting educational institutions as well. Apart from the striving hard for making learning an  ongoing  process for students  in these most testing times ,the Academy  continues to meet their commitment and responsibility of releasing salary to the teaching and non-teaching staff,house-keeping ,security etc.Certainly it is the the regular flow of fundsthat  keeps a system life-giving and  pulsating. So parents must continue their financial commitment to schools. We must remember that it’s a temporary phase and our school is ever dedicated to minimize disruption to education so that when life resumes to normal, our students have an edge over others in this competitive world. They do not fall behind or face difficulty in reaching the required level of competence.At DMA, we ensure that each child is well equipped with the entire spectrum of 21st century skills with the focus on the band of his/her innate strength and interest. Also we intend to offer the options for choosing from on-line classes and face to face classes for the students in the future.

So, we all, especially the more fortunate ones need to understand the clarion call of the challenging times and take it as a moral responsibility to respond positively and encouragingly to the best of our abilities.

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