Online education / Blended learning are here to stay

Past 15 months have been most disruptive for the education sector especially school education & institutions had to quickly adapt to online education and blended learning.

Schools had to immediately accept challenges like upgradation of technology, up skilling of teachers and hiring more techno savvy staff and providing tools & facilities to the teachers in their homes. Right combination of digital tools and ongoing support from the school resources helped the schools to sail through the tough challenges. Students on the other hand adapted quickly and learnt to be resilient and in some cases took the lead as the gen next is more gadget & techno friendly.

One thing is clear even after the schools have received orders to open offline/Physical classes that the blended learning is here to stay.

Blended learning definitely improves the reach of the school i.e. not everyone who has moved away from the fold for whatever reasons can attend school physically. Especially in the absence of the vaccine for children and the impending threat of the third wave. Continuing online teaching for such students will definitely be a welcome step for all such students who are far or home bound and cannot attend school.

Blended learning stepped in as a savior at the time of mandated closure. Online learning came as an ideal solution. Virtual classes attendance is itself a proof of how well the programme was received and it provided a much needed relief to parents who were in a dilemma. Fortunately education didn’t have to take a pause unlike other sectors.

Online learning opened doors to students for distance learning and it also improved enrollments. It strengthened the teacher student interdependence and thus stronger bonds were forged.

The landscape of education has definitely changed where school education is concerned and we envision future which is more agile and contains regular training & re skilling programmes with hybrid learning having a greater role to play.

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